About Realstar


To be the leading prime real estate service provider for luxury homes by offering an unmatched personalized service.


Empowering our discerning clientele with an elite team of real estate professionals providing result-oriented solutions based on in-depth market analysis.

With its solid foundation of innovation, passion and dedication, Realstar’s meteoric rise as one of Singapore’s most successful and exclusive premium real estate company is hardly new. Not one to rest on its laurels, Realstar continues to break new grounds and smash boundaries with its strategic analysis and holistic solutions combined with an unrivalled personalized attention.

Supported by an elite team of leading landed property sales consultant, founder Mr. William Wong, a certified behavioural coach and international landed property sales consultant, relentlessly pursues perfection with their dedication, vision and expertise.

Continuing its strong track record of consistently delivering an unbelievable above-market average yield, whether in a bullish market or a bearish one, Realstar is poised for an unstoppable and extensive growth.

The Decision For The Privileged



At Realstar, our objective is your complete satisfaction as our exclusive clientele, that means the maximum yield on your investment – and this is our commitment to you.

Our precise and thorough advice stems from every detail and expectation of your interests and request. Accompanying every property is Realstar’s exclusive set of investment yield, market analysis and capital gain calculations.

While our firm commitment to our practices had fueled our success, like any prudent investor, we know what it takes to make a multi-million dollar decision.

Let us assist in your next decision.

An Exclusive World Of the Elites


Realstar – Market Leader in Premium Landed Homes.

Buy or Sell

Similiar to other forms of investment, a sound and informed decision will multi-fold and maximize your returns. Drawing from its well of knowledge, expertise and foresight, Realstar is dedicated to assist and advise your decisions whether you are buying or selling.

Making Singapore Your Home

A premium property in Singapore is widely considered as a sound investment, low volatility, high returns. While pitfalls ambush the inexperienced, Realstar, with over a decade of assisting our well-heeled customers in making prudent and informed decisions is your assurance of a well-researched purchase.

Our real estate specialists pride themselves as being the cream of the crop. With their professional yet highly personalized approach, they ensure each client’s investment not only becomes the subject of envy among their peers but also a home they will be proud to throw a few more functions.