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Personal Character

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Q11. What would be the most important reason if you were to consider a career in Real Estate?

Q12. How would you rate yourself in sports?

Q13. How would you rate yourself in customer service?

Q14. How much is your annual wage package in your last or current job?

Q15. Rate the importance of doubling or tripling your income within the next 3 years?

Q16. When was the last time you picked up a new skill or read a book?

Q17. You are given a task and ?

Q18. When you are working on certain tasks, do you

Q19. What is the meaning of setbacks to you?

Q20. You have friends that are more successful than you. What do you think is the main reason?

Q21. There is a squabble among members in your family. You

Q22. What is your opinion of door-to-door salesman?

Q23. What is the most important factor for you to be successful in your career?

Q24. How do you rate yourself in terms of creativity from a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not creative and 10 being very creative?

Q25. Which of the following best describes your strength?

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